NACE Jubail Section
NACE-Jubail is a local section of the West Asia and Africa Region Chapter of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) International. NACE-Jubail was established in July 2008 to promote the awareness of corrosion and its control in Al-Jubail and its extended adjoining area of Saudi Arabia. The association will play an important role in this area since the area is recognized to have one of the highest concentrations of major industries in the world.

NACE-Jubail is setup at a time when the area is in the midst of a massive program of development to establish the second phase of the industries. NACE-Jubail is of direct relevance to these endeavors because quite a large number of structures with steel, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete would be constructed in these projects of infrastructure development. Better quality materials or protective measures are required so that the structures have long life. On the other hand, the aging of infrastructure is one of the major problems faced by the existing plants in Jubail most of which were built more than 20 years ago. The emphasis is now on maintaining and extending the life of these valuable assets.

It is a well known fact that due to dissemination of information through local corrosion associations like NACE-Jubail, various innovative corrosion control measures can be promoted to industries. NACE-Jubail will support such networking efforts which will enhance the service life of plants and structures.

To develop an esteemed group for promotion of corrosion control awareness in Al-Jubail Area.

To promote dissemination of information on corrosion control and related materials degradation problems for better management of industrial resources, assets and operations.

  • To regularly gather and disseminate information on technology and method for the control and monitoring of industrial corrosion by initiating and organizing, or participating in open meetings, technical visits, workshops and conferences;
  • To enlist a wide diversity of membership so as to achieve mutual benefits between industry, suppliers, research groups, governmental groups and individuals; and
  • To facilitate relevant training and educational courses.

  • Regular seminars and meetings on corrosion and other issues of interest.
  • Organization of training courses in collaboration with NACE and other institutions.
  • Maintain a network for exchange of ideas through discussion groups.
  • Social gathering.
  • Relevant Industrial visit.

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